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Performance Polarized Sunglasses

Performance Polarized Sunglasses

Your prize will arrive approximately 8-10 weeks after your complete claim form is received.


Solar Bat® announces BAT BUCKS a fishing tournament contingency rewards program effective August 1, 2021. 


  • The tournament must have a website that posts and maintains tournament general information including entry fees and results.
  • Fisherman must weigh at least one fish to be eligible.
  • The tournament may be part of a tournament trail, a single tournament, or a benefit tournament.
  • There is no species restriction for tournament qualifications.  The contingency rewards program applies to salt water and freshwater tournaments.


       1.  Win an eligible tournament.

       2.  Finish second place out of the money.  Must be verifiable on the tournament’s website.


  • The fisherman or fishing team will receive a gift certificate from the dealer where the Solar Bat sunglasses were purchased.  Amount of the gift certificate is equal to the tournament entry fee up to a maximum of $200.00.
  • In team tournaments, with both team members eligible, 100% of the allowable gift certificate will be awarded.  If only one team member is eligible 50% of the allowable gift certificate will be awarded.


  • Fisherman must have purchased a pair of Performance Polarized Series Solar Bat® sunglasses and registered with Solar Bat.  Purchase and registration make the fisherman eligible for BAT BUCKS for two calendar years.  Date of purchase must be prior to submission for the BAT BUCKS.
  • Fisherman must register with Solar Bat® on by clicking on PERFORMANCE POLARIZED SERIES Contingency and downloading the form, then mailing along with a registration fee of $6.50 to Solar Bat®.  Registration fee includes two Solar Bat BAT BUCKS decals.
  • Contingency Rewards applies to fishing teams, anglers or co-anglers.
  • Fisherman must have Solar Bat® decals on their boat and/or tow vehicle.


  • Solar Bat® must have your Contingency BAT BUCKS registration form on file.
  • You must submit the BAT BUCKS Claim form (download by clicking on PERFORMANCE POLARIZED SERIES Contingency at to Solar Bat®, either by completing and emailing to or by downloading the form and mailing to Solar Bat® Attn: BAT BUCKS.  Submission must include a photo of boat or tow vehicle with Solar Bat® logo visible.  Solar Bat must receive the claim within two (2) weeks of the tournament date.
  • Solar Bat® will visit the tournament website and verify your finish and the entry fees (not to include Big Bass pot) for the tournament.  We will mail the award only after verification.  There is a limit of 2 claims per year per tournament trail.   Your prize will arrive approximately 8-10 weeks after your complete claim form is received and results verified.
  • It is your RESPONSIBILITY to make sure that we have all the information needed to verify the claim. If we cannot find the provided information on the Tournament website, we will email you ONE TIME asking you to get the corrected information.  It is your RESPONSIBILITY to get the information to us. If you can't furnish the information, the claim will be rejected and not paid.

By registering for BAT BUCKS you are authorizing Solar Bat® to add your email address to the email subscriber list on the Solar Bat® website.  You are further authorizing Solar Bat® and your Solar Bat® to announce and congratulate you as a winner of BAT BUCKS in email blasts to our subscribers and on our Facebook page.

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